Cobb Policy Statements

Counterfeit Policy

AAEG recognizes and respects intellectual property rights, including copyrights and trademarks and is committed to fulfilling its obligations with respect to prohibiting activities which infringe upon intellectual property rights. As a result, AAEG expects and requires all exhibitors to comply with all federal copyright, trademark and related laws, and not to take any actions that would infringe on the copyright and/or trademark-related interests of others.

This policy applies to the use of copyrighted works, in all formats (including but not limited to signs, graphics, and advertising and promotional material), and to the use or display of all trademarks, which occur on AAEG show sites.

Exhibitors who become aware of a potential copyright or trademark infringement occurring on AAEG’s premises should bring the mater to the attention of the exhibitor(s) responsible as well as to the attention of an AAEG representative. Vendors who unlawfully duplicate copyrighted works or engage in any activity infringing upon the trademark rights of another may be removed from the show at the sole discretion of AAEG. Upon removal, AAEG shall not be liable to the exhibitor for any damages, refund or setoff of exhibit space rental. Each exhibitor shall be required to indemnify, defend and hold harmless AAEG in the event AAEG is subjected to any claims, judgments and other expenses arising out of or on account of any alleged or actual infringement or violation of any copyright, trademark, or other such intellectual property right to the extent said claims arise from any act or omission of the exhibitor.

AAEG is fully committed to maintaining the high level of professionalism and integrity that has come to characterize its shows. Ensuring the authenticity (and lawful use) of the merchandise sold and/or displayed at the shows is critical to achieving this goal.

Privacy Policy

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